The Teachings of Water

When I look into the water I see blurred shapes. Or do I?

Are they not, rather, revealed ones?

Is this not a message from my body?
Is it not the intersection between opening through movement and movement through opening?

Is it not the lesson of the water that they are the same? Is this not the blood speaking?

Is it not saying that life and the body each have their languages? and that they touch?

and that this is the mystery?

Poetry and Water

Does anything that touches water bend it?

Or does the water bend to receive it?

Is water subject to gravity?p1410974

Or does it make an empty space under a willow tree, for the leaves to fill?p1410973 Is that what we drink? The emptiness that is fullness?p1410964

If water fills what is empty, might it not simultaneously empty what is full? This tide flat in Borgarfjörður, Iceland, at dusk (2:30 pm in November), for example?


Does it have a double spirit?


Hraunfosser, Iceland

Is that what we bring to it, or is it the gift it gave to us and which we give back?


What if looking into water really is looking into the mind?


Are not words only pools, cupped mouths, that can fill with it, or empty with it?



Yes, this is a choice, to place before words, or after, or, like water, between: where they simultaneously are and are not.


There are also rushes.

Water and Air

In water, things achieve a true essence…

P1370378 That’s because on the earth, the sun meets water. It creates trees, and those other trees, that are like looking at myself in a language of pure spirit.

P1370364The subconscious can be read there, and perhaps it’s not subconscious. Perhaps it was only so in the artificial atmosphere of Vienna, a century ago. Maybe it’s really conscious. Maybe the body knows stuff, and the whole idea of the conscious mind is a construction that needs perennial translation to hold it up into the air. For over two years, I’ve been talking about science here. I still am, but right now, as I slowly put my pneumonia behind me, reach for health and air, and go out for my first walks in a month, what do I see but this:



That’s the kind of earth it is. On this kind of earth, that bird is my self. The only reason that is so, is because I too am of this earth. As I’m learning now … seeing is breathing.


Put That Android Phone Down Right Now!

This is cool. Here’s a conscious moment at the mouth of Lower BX Creek…

shoreWillows Being Willows. Water Being Water.

And here’s what the subconscious mind sees…

shoreflipThe Sky is Water

Do humans see the world before birth, everywhere? Let’s look again. The world after birth …

shore2The world before it…

shore2flipA beautiful way to live a life. Non-biological life forms could not do this. They would draw other conclusions, or even none at all.


Muskrats That Live in the Trees

This is an awfully wonderful planet — sometimes delightfully so. Here is a typical reed dweller…


Red Winged Blackbird Giving Me the Eye

The weak colour of his wing patch indicates that he’s not feeling very dominant. Probably all the dogs and the fact that he’s at the end of the Vernon Airport runway. That’s Cessna angst in his eyes, good people.

And here is a typical water dweller …



Coots never touch shore. They even build their nests on floating reed islands, and swim around in circles in the fall, all the starry night long, to keep the water from freezing around them. If you’ve heard the phrase, “Crazy as a Coot”, don’t believe it. These guys and gals are smarter than all get out. A toast to the coots!

And here’s a typical tree dweller …


Northern Flicker

Happy in a bit of pretty Chinese greenery that has invaded the wetlands.

But what about this guy?

P1240297Muskrat Doing What Muskrats Do Best

This used to be a wetland. Now it’s a series of tiny ponds surrounded by mown grass, where people walk their very best friends, the ones with the bark at one end and the wag at the other and usually no leash in between. Still, this muskrat rules its little 700 square foot kingdom.

Thing is, this is its kingdom …

P1240304Did You Know that Muskrats Live in the Trees?

Move over beavers!

Of course, if you take more than three photos, they get wise to you …

P1240299Muskrat Descending to its Tree

and becoming the water.

In earth writing, things are exactly as they seem. The water is the unconscious. It is the place where real power takes place, and gravity and light mingle and flow, together…

P1240219Willow Tree Subconscious

It flows into you, while you flow into it.

And where do you go, together, pray tell?gull

Gulls on the Vernon Creek Estuary, Okanagan Lake

So why do humans abuse their subconscious and do this, hmmmmmmm?


Chopping up Eurasian Water Milfoil at the Vernon Creek Estuary (Okanagan Lake)

You do it so that people can go swimming without getting tangled in the invasive weeds. Note as well the forestry seed orchard planted on Syilx grasslands in the background.

Um, who is the invasive weed here?

Wisdom Maps

The universe is mapped out in the bark of Ponderosa pines. I spent many afternoons in my childhood trying to read them, but haven’t figured it out yet. It’s a pleasing way to move through the world, though!


Ponderosa Pine, Ellison Park

Some maps are easier to read. Here’s one that bridges last year and the one we entered at Solstice, in the dark…

ancestorAncestor and Fir Tree, Ellison Park

Some images reappear in our dreams. Others are just here.

Sometimes map cross in other, more physical ways…


Owl Rising from the Water, Ellison Park

The sand is an industrial artefact. It is the pink, mildly radioactive granite of a local mountain, blasted, crushed and brought in by barge for the delight of travellers’ feet.

The living earth is very, very close.