First Peoples

Natural Lenses


The human eye is a lens. It is a just one among many adaptations of the energy fields of water molecules. Water lenses abound on this planet.P1160303

Cat Tail and Water

Lensmakers to the Sun. Look how the sun is focussed down like a laser. This effect is only observable in the weeks before the winter solstice, but is worth jumping up and heading out for when the clouds lift for an hour.

Sometimes lenses focus inwardly…


Sagebrush and Lens for … Sagebrush

Water lenses have the capacity to change the size of the world, in relationship to the viewer’s point of view and his or her subtle relationship to the sun. I mean, the sun might be 150,000,000 kilometres from the earth, but moving a centimetre at this end of the relationship makes all the difference.

Here’s an example of this capacity of water lenses, put to commendable use…



Starling, Keeping Its Water Drop on Me

In the science of the things of this world, things are what they are and are built up out of physical relationships over time, in which the current state of things is a representation of the refinement of older relationships. Tomorrow, I’ll show you the story of plants, discovered by the poet Goethe. Today, I’ll leave you with the cat tails, that Aboriginal peoples around these parts turned into basket and housing technologies…


Baskets and Roofs and …

… it’s up to us to make new technologies.

That’s the trick on this planet: to see things that are on this planet and to make them, as water would, into things that are of this planet. In this context, making everything out of oil is to make everything out of dead plants compressed under the earth. It is to skip most of the history of life on earth and to make things out of death. Why, when one could live on the earth instead?


Water, Offering

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  1. The light in the first photo is brilliant. The whole photo is excellent, Harold. Truly. Inspiring. Science as art. (If only our water was not frozen at the time of solstace I would attempt to play with same.)


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