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Everybody’s Friends

Today, I would like to celebrate the joy that my fellow bloggers have brought me and to mourn the unexpected passing of our Charles to the other side. The unrelieved joy and enthusiasm and curiosity with which both of my co-editors and trackers have brought to this project is irreplaceable, but I will do my best to carry on in their footsteps. This is my team. As you may remember, the first three and a half months of this journey were led by my old partner Winston, who left for his own journey in January.

Winston Pleased With My Anti-Termite Work…

…before I brought him back home to the grasslands and he dried out.

The rest of the year saw each journey supervised by Winston’s own personal trainer, Charles, who was once hunted by an owl as he accompanied us out for a night time tour down the road, which brought consternation and raised eyebrows to both Winston and me, I must say. Just ten days ago while I was at Hanford and eleven years into his journey on this earth, Charles too stepped onto the star road on his own.


Everyone’s friend, and master of social chess. 

Charles really loved lying in my nuclear reactor, often crushing the fuel assemblies in search of the perfect, flowery view…

Hillside with flowers.

Charles’ Nuclear Reactor Bed

Busy translating solar radiation into beauty. You can see Charles’ path to bliss leading in from the upper left.

I’m glad to have had an enthusiastic companion. I hope I can continue to be one for you, in Charles’ spirit.

Safe Travels, My Friend

Charles, 2001-2012


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  1. What a beautiful picture of Charles. I’m sure he’s sought Winston out and given him a talking to for leaving him. He was very lucky to find his way into your hearts.


  2. You have such a gift with words and yes…I did need the kleenex. I’m sure Charles and Winston have found each other and are planning……..Charles gaining the upper hand as always…and Winston just glad they’re together again. Beautiful souls.


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