Bigfoot Working for Tips in Local Culture

I made a trip to Canada recently. Here’s a local ice cream and coffee stop in Canmore, in the mountains . Note the Bigfoot, another Cascadian away from home, working for tips. Obviously, the pay is good over there.

Canmore, Canada, Local

Blondies is a popular joint. I like to think it’s because of Bigfoot’s natural charm, but it can’t be that, because the real Indigenous ancestors are up the hill, and they don’t get visitors like this. This is sacred Blackfoot Country, and in that, this is a sacred site.

Well, you can’t make money from respect, but, still, you can visit and pay your respects, right?

But there I go, thinking like a Cascadian again. Still, should you be a Cascadian or a Canadian even, or someone from some other country on this Earth, someone with ancestors and your feet on the ground, say Hi. Actually, you don’t have to say a thing. Just be there.

Just be, here. Just be here. Just be here. And tip generously. Maybe you can free Bigfoot from his bondage and he can go back home.

Don’t you think he looks a bit like a Cigar Store Indian? Oh, Canada.

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