Freshwater Mussels Have to Breathe, Too

Bit of a thing, it is. The City of Vernon wants to thrash milfoil…

… in the lake, because it’s a nasty invasive plant that does a lot of bad things to the environment, plus it snatches at the legs of swimmers and then they don’t come for the pristine lake experience. The city wants to mow them off underwater, but there’s the problem with endangered mussels, so they can’t. The city is fighting this, in part by filling in the bay with sand that they are washing down the Vernon Creek. However, while the fight goes on, look at what the mussels are up to.

Everyone has to breathe, right?

They are really adding to the quality of life here.

I think some winter tourism is in order.

May the breath keep flowing.

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  1. Winter tourism? Ha-ha. That conjures up some funny – and not so funny – imaginings. Could even inspire the start of an eco-cult. The meditative, mesmerizing art of mussel-gazing.

    Seriously. Eco-management more often than not is as complex as Nature itself, all the more so in the midst of dense “urban” development or the like.


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