How People Learned to Stay Still: a Story Old and New

From many, one. From one, many.

Just not all at once. Here is Siya? blooming: a cluster of white-petalled flowers catching the eye because so many are close together. Not all bloom on the same day, but the blooms, lingering, build into clouds that are like eyes, glowing as lanterns, catching bees.

The result is berries, small and green. They are all the same now, all a cluster.

When harvest comes, in 6 weeks, the hours between their blossoming becomes days.

And so they are taken one by one, for whenever birds, or bears, or deer, or humans should come, the ones who are not so anchored to the Earth, the ones one gives oneself to to be carried, which is all the world they know unless Siya? holds them tight and teaches waiting …

… as she does.

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