Nature Photography

Amazing Water

The surface of this water has frozen first. After that, the rest of the water didn’t freeze from the top down. Rather, it froze all at once, slowly releasing heat and air as it did so. The air could find no place in the growing crystal matrix, so rose as bubbles. The heat carried them upward with enough strength to join into large bubbles under the hard surface layer. For bubbles both small and large, the water did an amazing thing: even as it was crystallizing, it still formed a shape around the air, the reverse of a cup, really, allowing for a rounded shape, rather than a crystal one. When it finally froze solid, both the transported bubbles and the ones just coming out of solution, remained, held by the matrix.

Not just a mud puddle!

Amazing. This substance, water, that has such strong molecular bonds that it is gloved at all times in an energy skin, has made internal energy skins here. They have however, given over their energy to the matrix. Ice crystals, in fact the whole body of the water, holds this tension now. It’s no surprise that it does not flow. Its flowing is so perfect it is flowing in place.

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