First Peoples

Hunting the Porcupine

I went up the hill to find the porcupine.

February, 2019

He likes it up there with the mountain ash.

The way lies through a deer sleeping area. Here’s one of the beds. When used over and over again, they get pretty deep. Nice in the choke cherry shade and just off the trail, alternating sides, like ant tunnels. A bit of an intimate journey!

Ah, here we are. No porcupine there.

Still, a nice walk on the deer trail. How many times have the deer munched the Saskatoon below, eh? A hundred or so, by the looks of it. And it’s still growing! That’s the stuff.

No porcupine, though. Nice lichen taking the place of choke cherry leaves, however. A neat trick!

(I’m still trying to figure out if there’s more here than meets the eye.)

But, wait. Around the corner, what’s this?

Kind of like porcupine hair, those wheat grass spikes. Is this the porcupine?

No! It is Coyote and Fox, the old tricksters, in their porcupine-hunting outfits.

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