Pacific Wild Currant Having a Great Day in the Sun

These wild currants were just humming with bees today. None were domestic bees. Bumblebees and some mid-sized black ones, very sleek.

For the first time in years, no insect pests, no damaged wood, and a strong bloom.

The Earth is bringing gifts.

For her own. The siya? is hosting those black bees, too, but not the bumblebees.

That they came through the winter in such numbers is astonishing, given how burnt away with ecological drought last summer was. Sure is grand to see such strength.


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  1. The blooming is happening earlier there than here. Just this morning I see siya? opening herself. I shall go look for bees a little later. I’ve been attempting to identify the currants here…thought they were golden variety, but wild…maybe that’s it! What a harvest it will be in time.


    • Yes, they are very pale in colour, with little juice. Orange and golden-orange are common, although colour diminishes with shade. These ones are in full sun.


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      • The deer, birds and I nibble on them. Everyone else leaves them alone. I get a handful. Sounds about right.



      • There are at least 6 large ones here, and last year many berries that were untouched. My grandfather used to make blackcurrant jam…yum! I’m wondering if I might adjust the recipe and get at least 2 small jars. 🙂 And the saskatoons…oh my…I thank them each time I get a taste.


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