Come to My Cascadia Show at the Kelowna Library, January 30th at 5:30 pm.

Cascadia: The Once and  Future Utopia

I’ve been hard at work, putting ten years of explorations of  Cascadia into a beautiful presentation. It is an honour to be asked by Okanagan Express to take you on a journey from Yellowstone to Alaska, and from sacred sites to old sites of history and new ones of peril and hope as we work out way out of the idea of Utopia into the necessity of living on this land together. I’ve just run through my slide show. It works! These things are never easy, but it works. Come and find out why the site recorded in the image below is so important to us here in the Okanagan, just as it is in the Yakama Country, where it was made.


Our land is beautiful and powerful. It is the greatest watershed in North America. Let us imagine what we can do together, and then make it be.

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  1. Are you going to show this video here on this forum? In Tsawwassen now but will be in West Kelowna May or June in our property there so will have missed it.



  2. OMG! I missed it. So sad! When will you do another? Where? I would put the word out to Kelowna Permaculture Group & Kelowna Friends of Trees & the World Community Film Festival Kelowna Organizing Committee & the Elders Advisory Council of the Kelowna Friendship Society and…


    • Thanks for the enthusiasm and the offer, Allisa. February? Early March? Late April and onwards? We can do the Cascadia show or tailor it to permaculture and so on.


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