What if History Were Not Over? I Mean, for the Kids’ Sake

History is the study of what has happened in the past. But what if the Big Sage below, weighted with snow, were history instead?

There comes a point where the inner heat of the sun, amplified by passing through the snow, melts the weight from within, and ta da.

History is seen as an unfolding line of time, but what if it were this two-metre-tall clover boughed down by the snow?

What if it were this sweat lodge, built on a frame of bent poles, much like the clover above?

Similkameen Sweat Lodge, c. 1920

What if shelter were within the landscape instead of based on clearing it away?

History wouldn’t be a function of “time” or “replacement” then. It would be a story of holding. Let’s tell the kids that. Let’s tell them that we don’t have to destroy the Earth to give them a future.


Let’s teach them to stand.

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