Our Flowing Hands

Deep in the shadows of the cat tails, the water freezes in the shape of cat tails.

Below, you can see how cattail seeds get caught on the teeth of the hoarfrost. That is very fine, too.

There are also glorious ice insects and patterned skin.

Look below. Wouldn’t you say that cat tails are a form of ice? Just held in a matrix of carbon, rather than one of water molecules? Is life, in other words, a form of water?

You know: gas, liquid, ice and plant.

Presumably, the trees and cattails are doing this along with the water. What we’re looking at is a new thing: cattail-tree-water. Or, better: cattail-tree-water-sun.

Every moment different. And every moment (of time) becoming a span of matter. Is that what the Earth is? Materialized time?


Look below. This is what water does. It amplifies the properties of whatever it touches, and holds it. Is it, in other words, a hand? A hand within the body of water? Is that why we say “body of water”?

Are our hands water? I believe they are.

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  1. Lovely , thoughtful perceptive posts that help me to see in new ways. Thank you for sharing these holistic views, Harold. xo Ruth

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    • Thanks, Ruth! I was trained in the BC school system. It had as its goal delineating separation. But that is so at odds with the Earth, and with Indigenous knowledge, that I just can’t do that anymore. I’m glad it strikes a chord!


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