Grassland Tours for the Okanagan?

Grass evolved to thrive in hot fire landscapes.

Given that human activity has increased heat and fire …

… across the planet …

… shouldn’t we stop mowing grass and …

… let it do its thing?

The spiders will thank us. They use the stalks, which sway a good 20 centimetres from a centre line on a frequency of less than a second, to comb the wind for flies.

Let’s honour seed.

And the fire that will come.

And beauty.

And beauty again.

There are rainforest tours out of Vancouver, with busses that stop at a grove of a couple dozen trees on Vancouver Island, a couple dozen trees saved from millions, and there are flights and bus tours every falls to view the fall colours of the North American North East, but how many busses of people are brought to meet the living grass?

How many people go out to meet the Sun on Earth?

Let’s do it.


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  1. One of things I do in my yard is let certain parts grow up into seed and mow strips (a poor man’s maze) in curliques around in the lawn. This year I’m putting big logs of cottonwood on end in the lawn for children to sit/stand/jump on. It’s like a Game of Thrones, which I’ve never seen.


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