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Given Me Invasive Weeds, Just Don’t Give Me Any More Compost

Even a monocultural vineyard, blasted with weedkillers, bordered with invasive weeds, and mowed down to a desert to produce a recreational drug…

… and even an invasive weed like salsify, spreading across the damaged land …

…is not so bad.

Even institutional gardening around private houses …

and even the great scourge, cheatgrass…

…that even now as the season begins has gone to seed, after stealing the water from anything that might have germinated to make it through the summer, even it …

… is better than the government produced “compost,” a mixture of sewage sludge and chopped-up trees, that is sold as a landscaping soil additive and beautification product. It is spread over black “landscaping cloth”, which is impervious to seed growth, and is meant to give the impression of rich, tilled Earth and, of course, fecundity.

Nothing grows in this stuff. It is death itself and it deadens social creativity and environmental justice. Give me an invasive weed any day, anyway, over this cynical usurpation of right action. This is a drug. Even Dalmatian Toadflax is better than this.


Even vetch.

Well, landscaping with rock is right up there.



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