It’s Lambs Quarter Time!

Farming is tough. The weeds grow. Look at these lambs quarters take over the world!

But, reallllly look at them. Mmmmmm.

Instead of a field of trouble, it’s a crop, better than spinach. Instead of a weed control problem, it’s a few thousand dollars of profit. In a week or so, this:

Why fight the earth?

It’s not fighting us.

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    • The best way to cook is boiling it and eat with soy sauce and boiling egg and steam rice . You will love it . This lamb’s quater is also called Pigweed . Why ? Because the wild pig in the forest love to eat it .
      Phat Vo


      • Thanks for the recipe! We have a second weed called pigweed, but no wild pigs. I think it’s called pigweed as it was an Indigenous amaranth crop, which American settlers set their pigs onto, ending that ancient agriculture. But it grows wild now!


      • Do you know that there are two kinds of lamb’s quarter . One with all green and the other, the root is red . The first one with all green is the best to eat . When it was boiled, you can enjoy the flavor of the wild nature, only a few bites, the lamb’s quarter melted in your mouth and tongue . Every year, when Spring and Summer are coming, I love to pick lamb’s quarter to eat it and it has been more than 15 years till now I still love to eat that .Thanks for your reply .


      • Ah, thanks. We call the red root one pigweed and the others lamb’s quarter. I agree. It’s a fine taste!


  1. Another irony is that it’s a Chenopodium (Chenopodium album). You know what else is a Chenopodium? Quinoa! (Chenopodium quinoa). They have the very same health and nutritive benefits, yet one is the super-food of the day while the other is a weed and a scourge.

    In the iconic words of Joni Mitchell: We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.

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  2. What a sight. I’ve only harvested lambs quarter as a nutritious edible when it volunteered here and there in a garden. Who’d of guess it is related to quinoa?


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