Nature Photography

A Morning at the Lake: the Wisdom of Geese

Just, like, hanging out at the lake, checking out the hoarfrost, but what’s this?

First, the geese left in the fog.

Bye, you crazy lot!

And then the gulls got worked up.

All of them.

And then left.

Bye, dears!

And then the eagle flew by, all alone, one …

… slow, lonely wingbeat at a time.


And then the gulls came back, yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!

All of them.

Hi, guys.

As for the geese…

…well, they were up at the orchards, considering evolution.

But then, geese are like that. Coming in from the sun under cover of fog and all.

Nice that they brought their friends along.

But geese are like that, too.

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