Nature Photography

The Meaning of Life

Imagine you are sitting among your ancestors, and you ask them, “What is the meaning of life?” and they answer with this:

What do they mean? Oh, sure, some of them are going to say, “That’s a reflection of grass in a swamp,” but that’s much the same as saying “You aren’t part of the world,” or, “I have a prism here, and a beam of light through the window, and I can fiddle with it, ah, yes, there it is, a rainbow. That’s the voice of God.” The rest of the ancestors are saying, “The Mind of Life,” and are living within this instant of combined physical and spiritual presence: “when the light lies white on dark water and brings the colour of grasses into itself it knits them together with itself, water, your body and its moods, creating quickness and attraction that, in the instant of their awareness, live.” Listen to them. That they live in you may be commonplace, but you also live in them.

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    • Indeed. Today I am captivated by the difference between “the meaning of life” as understood by the explication “the point of existence” and “the making of connection into mind,” as the words describe, and whatever it was that happened that separated the two.



  1. I love it. You always bring the spiritual back home. Simply “living within this instant of combined physical and spiritual presence” should be enough, but I guess too many people can’t see it.


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