flower gardening

Applied Mathematics in the Garden

Elders do math best.

A living calculus.

The spiders of the fruiting world!

For them, life is a spray of electrons.

Why not plant one today? Also great for keeping away sorceresses, who get lost in the pretty embroidery.

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      • I can tell you do, and that they’re not the only thing you love. They’re very graceful – I’m always delighted when I spot one along a highway or roadside.
        Ours are already red – maybe this one turns bluish? I’m not as familiar with more interior plants, being on the other side of the Cascades.


      • Hi,

        yes, these berries are a dark purple when ripe.

        The flowers, as you can see are white.

        Those red ones are coastal, but gorgeous too!




  1. Dear Harold,

    I no longer recall how to sign in to comment on Word Press but want to thank you for the shift in perception your comments offer- such as when you refer to the patterned plants as “elders” – so important to reconnect how we see ourselves as a part of the world, being, or, from a Christian perspective, as expressions of the One Mind, that includes all that is good and principled.

    Happy solstice.



    • Yes, this one mind thing fills me increasingly strongly. I am enjoying exploring it!

      I’m glad you like my elders!


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