The Art of Finding Art

It’s a beautiful thing when humans make art.

But let’s be honest: it’s a beautiful thing when they don’t.

The patterning that art presents can be done without being a portrait of human social space.

It can simply be found.

Truth is, it is all around yet no easier to find for that.

It is finding it that is the art.

This finding is not limited to indigenous peoples.

It is a point where humans come together.

It is where the body meets itself in non-human form.

And the mind learns that that is human form in a way exceeding art-making.

It is the way humans bind themselves to space…

… at the same time it weaves them in and lets them go on.

This “going on” is also what we can do together. All the eyes and looking in the world won’t help if we do it alone, that is, without the Earth. A world of pure social art would crush us.

We are Earth people.

We have the power to be ourselves.


Ruby Beach, Cascadia

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  1. Well said. And well seen.

    A favorite artist of mine who finds a sort of middle way is Andy Goldsworthy; a wonderful documentary was made on him titled “Rivers and Tides” (there may be something more recent). I think everyone who reads this blog will enjoy being in his company for the ninety minutes of the video.

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  2. Re: My post just above: I had missed the part where you said, “. . . without being a portrait of human social space.” You may delete my post.


    • Would you like me to? I love your image. It’s welcome anytime. Doesn’t look like an image of human social space to me. Just looks cool.



  3. Finding without touching and changing – a modest wayt of living, indigenous people in the world once knew, as the indigenous Australians find it a no-go, even to lift up a stone or a fallen leave just for fun.
    Modern people always want to touch, do scratch their names or marks in it, to leave traces. But what is to expect from people, whose religions tell them, they will be listed and called by their names in the very end instead of giving it all back and away to the common universe?


    • Thanks for reminding me of these greater depths. The irony is that these things are the names, and the identities attached to them are called up as the world, to use a metaphor.


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  4. Perhaps to use a cliché, I think you struck a chord with your readers. Hopkins wrote of harvest:
    These things, these things were here and but the
    Wanting; which two when they once meet,
    The heart rears wings bold and bolder
    And hurls for him, O half hurls earth for him off
    under his feet.


  5. I love it, Harold…the way humans bind ourselves to space. That resonates with me. And certainly art is everywhere, and finding it is an art, and that brings people together…like on blogs, like this one. Beautiful images! Oh, especially the grace in the one under “point where humans come together.” Wonderful.


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