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And Yet People Complain About Winter. Huh.


Isn’t it beautiful?


Maybe they should leave the north and go home. I feel so sorry for them. They have to endure this:


And this:


It must be very hard. I know, for my part, it would be hard, very hard, to endure a winter that was not at 20 Below Celsius, at least one night. And in this January moon we had a week. Oh, glory!


But, seriously, I have to listen to these complaints on the national broadcasting system of the country that I was born to and must pay allegiance to, to live here? Really? That’s shameful. Well, time to go for a walk and forgive.


I am, after all, on this earth, to learn humility. Sometimes it’s easy.


Sometimes it’s hard.



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  1. It has struck me that in recent years the weather reports seem to carry messages about the quality of the weather. In the maritime climate of the island on which I live it is usually complaints about the rain that makes our country so green. Time to receive each day as a gift, including the weather!


    • That’s for sure. When people complain about weather to me, I laugh and say it’s great weather. Can you imagine the alternative? No weather?

      Why, that would be at the end of a funeral, when everyone was walking away into it, and you were left out there, without any. Not the happiest of days!

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      • And when it is just plain dull, as it has been here all week, it oppresses the soul. Give us back our normal regime of weather as friend or foe, challenging or delighting in equal measure, so that in future years we remember our life in terms of the great weather, like the winter of 1969/70 when Okanagan Lake froze and we walked on it and listened to the ice cracking and rumbling for miles. That was wonderful.


      • Beautiful! But it’s saddening to hear that your weather has been dull. Send pics. Let’s see what this dull stuff looks like! Okanagan Lake in Vernon has frozen for about a kilometre. People have been skating. The ice cracking in the Cariboo used to wake us up at night!


      • Among many favourite scenes there is one in The Lord of the Rings when Gandalf, having just delivered Théoden from his inner darkness, mirrored by the darkness of his hall, takes Théoden outside into the rain just to feel it upon his body. The reality of the weather is a healer to his soul. How much we need to be delivered from our artificial environments, if only for a little while each day, in order to reconnect to reality both outside and within.


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