How the British Columbia Government Looks After the Land and the Water

It doesn’t. If I look from my house towards the western shore of Okanagan Lake, I see this.p1430520

The land has been burnt, slashed by logging roads, scarred by development and turned into an ugly sore that will take a few centuries to recover. A government would work to heal the land. The legislature that we have administers public land, on the principle of making it available for industrial uses, as long as it doesn’t interfere with certain, assigned protected values, including special reserves for rare plants or animals on the model of the Indian Reserves of 1871. The principle is set out in the provincial land use plan, as follows:

At no time is the use of land governed or planned, other than in this process of setting aside reserves; at all times, the government promises that reserves will accommodate all possible uses at the same time, unless one so contravenes the requirements of a specific, limited protected area that it can’t be allowed. Walls are like that: Indian reserves placed all people outside of common community and gave privileges to a certain class of land owner and degrading poverty to another; environmental reserves allow a certain class of land user to maintain privileges while placing common people and their land outside of community. It would be better if we all decided to live here and started looking after the place. Whatever problems we have with each other that have led to these convoluted hierarchies of selling our land without governance …


… we should settle between each other. The land can’t afford to pay the price for this ideology any longer. Nor can we.




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