Do the Rich Have All the Fun?

p1420726You tell me. That’s their houses up above, and some beautiful ice drifting in. Below, is Okanagan Lake the next day after the wind did its thing all night long.


I have no answer to the question, but these nests do manage to privatize public water, wind and sun, don’t they. I wonder if that makes the nesters happy. With any luck they’ll be down there composing poems and music for the ice right now.


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    • Ya, I suspect not, but there is a wine bar in Kelowna at which you can take a watercolour painting lesson with a glass of VQA wine at your side, so I think that might pass muster in place of poetry. Not to my standards, but I’m just the guy in love with ice patterns. You should see the waves! That comes tomorrow. 🙂


    • I agree. One can, however, own access and fill every glance at it, every view of it and every image or appreciation of it with an image of one’s own display of power. In effect, money buys access to the lake. People without that money (a considerable amount) are left with scraps. I used to live on a lake, the only one in this province as large as Germany, with a public shore. It was there for ten years. It was loved by all.

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      • In Norway we have this law called “allemannsretten”; which is meant to secure public access to outlying fields and wilderness, whether or not beaches are wilderness is under constant dispute.


      • It is a very fine law. Here we have arrangements by which 94% of land belongs to the state but is largely leased out to private industry. Much of it is accessible. The shores of lakes and oceans below highwater line is, ostensibly, public, but this public right can be negated by cash payment, and is always difficult to assert. The notion of absolute private ownership, can be viciously defended.


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