Earth Science

Using Gravity Propulsion to Reach the Sun

The grasses below, in a rainwater pool in Grundarfjörður, Ísland, sure do. They are expressions of a force stronger than gravity. It is the force that holds water molecules together, and holds them together with each other. There is nothing in the image below which is not water, except for some carbon and some light.p1380044The grass is water, the water is, well, water, the carbon is bound with the water, and so is the light. If you look closely, you will see how the water’s surface actually denies the pull of gravity, when it strikes the edges of carbon strings (it could have been stone or any old thing). That is the force stronger than gravity which the grasses constrain in ladders of carbon, which they then used to force the sun to draw water up the ladders. By building the ladders tightly behind this rising flow, the grass has built a stalk, and onto the stalk, in the same process but drawn into far subtler dimensions, it has grown seeds, from the same process. It is all a process of water, soil and sun, held in tension by gravity but not defeated by it. Gravity, you see, doesn’t just pull things down (which it does well.)


Berserkjarhraunfoss from Behind

It binds them as well, but then, it is a binding principle, formed from a spinning world. The surface tension of water is just such a force, formed from a stronger energy: the cores of suns.


So, when someone tells you that the Okanagan is a land without water…


… you might tell them that when it was like Iceland (55,000,000 years ago), the stuff flowed all over the place, but now that gravity has woven the water into the land, it is more filled with life. It is dense with it, where we don’t force the water out and make it flow again.


If you work with that life, you will find that water, and you will begin to understand gravity as a living force.

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