Land Development

How Much Should a Trail Cost?

This is an Icelandic hiking trail.
It is public infrastructure for travellers and locals alike. You can see it on the scree slope below.
It is much loved. It leads to the heart of things (and a great view.)


A lower trail is in the image below, should you want to stay in the valley rather than head for the peak.


Here’s an Okanagan hiking trail.


The Okanagan Rail Trail covers 50 kilometres of level land. The costs include gravel, to make it safe to walk on, and rock scaling, also for safety, although the rock scaling risks destroying irreplaceable indigenous spirit rocks. I’m in favour of this fantastic trail and of spirit rocks, so I’m wondering, hey, does it need to be so complicated or so expensive? Let’s take a look at Icelandic rock scaling for safety purpose, one more time.







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