The Cost of Nature

This is tourism.V0021629 The image below shows the price of tourism. Hey, the water had to come from somewhere, eh. V0000115

The myth of Canada is that we can have it all, that we can squeeze water from a stone, but that is just money talking. This is not money (but it is water):


This is money (water on the hoof):



And this:



You can see what the birds think of that stuff. Ah, I’m being a trickster again, aren’t I. Look, here’s the deal. This is water:


Great Basin Giant Rye Calling the Birds of Winter Out of the Sky

(It takes awhile.)

It is woven into the land and into the threads of life. The image below shows tourism. It is water separated from life and turned into an element, which can be recombined with desire and petroleum (a synonym for money) to create a nightmare for fish and birds.


It is a dissection. And what do you have left after a dissection? This.


A subdivision. Death. Let’s be polite to our political, social and economic masters from the Petro-state, let’s even invite them to our feast, but let’s stop covering for their bad behaviour. If they want to terrorize our fish and then build a house to look out over it all as if they were in Kenya some 2,000,000 years ago, they need to plant water in our soil.


Apostemon Bee in Mariposa Lily

First things first.

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