First Peoples

Oh, Canada, How About a New Flag for Everyone?

Here’s Canada’s tree, thriving in Germany. Acer Rubrum herself.acerrubrum

Here she is, flappable.


Here’s our maple leaves in the  mountains of the West. This is the Rocky Mountain Maple. Acer Glabrun.

P2110476 Sometimes she’s sorta red.P2110477As I see it, we have options. Here’s option 1. Go Greeny Yellow.


Option 2. Go purply.



They look pretty awful, I must say. I wonder why people think the red one looks any better a continent away from Ms. Acer Rubrum?

Canada Comes to Vernon, British Columbia

This is the new version of the Hudson’s Bay Company Trading Post.

A change of colour won’t help. We have to think big. Remember that Pride Parade we all had? We need pride. We’re all in this together, too. How about this?


That’s a non-gendered, non-coloured, non-colonial, politically transparent maple leaf in the middle, right? But, really, this is a great choice, too:

 [Two spirited people flag]

image by Tomislav Todorovic, 27 August 2014. Source.

The four cardinal directions of indigenous North American culture, and everything? How could we go wrong with that? If you like it, too, tell Justin. Click.

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