Grass Bison Without Legs

The energy of the land comes forth in certain forms. Here in buffalo country in Montana, it’s up to its old tricks.P2070575

Grass Bison!

I know Montana is outside my homeland, but it’s good to go to far planets and see how people live there, just off the edge of volcanic earth. For instance, before the Anthropocene Age, the land’s energy came out in this form:


Firehole River, Yellowstone

A couple generations ago, this was tried…


East of the Rockies in Blackfoot Country, Looking West

… , but the land would have none of it. In the end, you see, this …


The Remains of the Great Bison Slaughter, Smashed In Head Buffalo Jump

… only created emptiness, and bison…P2070575 that can no longer move on their own.

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  1. Grass bison! First chuckle I’ve had in too long. Wild Buffalo grass, as I’m sure you all know, has roots extending five feet deep into the soil. Even in the driest years the soil was damp.
    The deliberate extermination of the Buffalo people was a crime. Genocide.


  2. Thanks for commenting, Fran! I agree with you: a horrific, genocidal crime, with a lot of racism thrown in. I didn’t know that about Wild Buffalo grass, so that’s wonderful.


    • Thanks, Harold. Yep, I learned that watching PBS The Dust Bowl. An excellent documentary that chronicals the worst man made ecological disaster ever. It’s still up on their website.


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