First Peoples

Coyote Lets the Kids Out


The quarry’s a good place to get a drink on a hot day.
pup5 I’m probably the first human they’ve seen. pup4


Worth a second look, I guess.pup3 For me, too.pup2A welcome addition to the neighbourhood!


I look forward to yipping classes under the August moon.

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  1. Oh, how beautiful. There’s a pair near us — I saw them a month or so ago, kind of loping by my study window; the same pair I’ve seen for about five years now — and I hope they’ll bring out the young soon. But as you well know, you don’t see them when you expect to, or hope to…!


    • Usually they just see us!

      I’m convinced that when we see them, it’s a powerful confluence of energies, not to be ignored.


      • I agree. When the two rippled by my window, it was extraordinary. They’re brindled, for one thing, which is strange. Though the one offspring I saw a year or two ago was pale fawn. And imagine the white one which we see when we’re driving home late — it appears near the golf course at Kleindale — standing on the roadside just long enough to make eye contact.


      • Ours here look rather like female timber wolves. We used to see those in the Cariboo sometimes. Did you hear about the ones in (?) Newfoundland (?) that are golden retriever coloured, because of a (witnessed) mating ten years ago or so? A small pack now!


      • Yes, I’ve heard about the coydogs in eastern Canada (other places too). And the coywolves. It makes sense, doesn’t it? I watched a young one here a few years ago and thought how dog-like ti was in some ways. It even ventured into the doghouse (unused since Tiger’s death) and sat in the doorway, looking out.


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