The Story of the Bee and the Cactus

Welcome to the green pistil of the brittle prickly pear cactus flower!P1830577They don’t bloom every year, but they sure have a green heart!
P1830615 And the sweat bee dives in head first. Perhaps blending in is what makes green a good colour for her in such an exposed position.


Notice the flower, though. The green core, surrounded by fronds of pollen.



Look again. The bee does the same thing! A green core, with fronds of pollen on her legs, curled around a green core surrounded by fronds of pollen.



That’s what organic organization can do for you. That’s called balance. Note as well that the yellow flowers are pink before they open …



The same as the balls of the cactus. Now, cacti are known to defend themselves with spines, and bees with stingers (both prick), but here’s a case in which these perfectly matched organisms both defend themselves ever so gently, with visual deception.



It was a hard winter for the cacti. I figure 90% died off. The blooms are lovely, though. I hope they have a good summer.





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