Light and Dark and Colour are One

Light is a form of darkness.P1640732

Look at these leaves burn their way through the snow, precisely because they are dark.

P1640737 Darkness is a form of energy.

P1640725Notice how bright it is!

P1640708 Notice, too, that it is the snow that is dark.

P1620340 Against it, the dark trees are light (or, at least, bright).orchard In the earliest form of all European languages, black and light were the same thing. The glare or brightness of all the elements in the elm tree below were, to our ancestors, the same startling presence.elm3

You can see a discussion of that here:

Flame: the energy form of passage and transition, present, understood and anticipated, usually manifesting as a leaf of fire, the fire in a leaf, or the potential fire in coal.


Leaf Burning Through the Snow

That’s from my earth language blog

I’m working on what I hope will be tomorrow’s post, about how these observations about light and dark impact culture, science, and art, and what lies beyond the divisions currently accepted as ‘real’. I want to take the time to get it right, so, in the meantime, an image to contemplate:


 Sun Burning Through Fog Behind Giant Rye Grass

 Light? Dark? Colour? It’s all the same thing…almost. Tomorrow we’ll talk about that.




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