People are Blind

Here’s a local orchard advertising down home goodness.P1250016Note the weed-killing. (One year ago this was an indigenous grassland.) Literacy is powerful. I think people want to be deceived.

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    • It is amazing what people can’t see and what they are trained to see and to ignore, isn’t it! The sheep would cause havoc with dwarf trees like this, but organic farmers manage their weeds without such disrespect. A chemical that appears to cause infertility in cows after only two generations isn’t exactly down home goodness.


      • Had the trees been planted with guards around the lower trunks I don’t think sheep would be a problem. But they weren’t. There you go — or they go. Too bad, eh?


      • That’s interesting. It would force the farmer to adopt organic practices. You made me realize one piece of this cultural puzzle: people will allow anything to be sprayed onto their fruit, but nothing to be sprayed onto animals (well, at least that they know about).


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