Worms at Work

For an invasive species, earthworms are pretty cool.P1240733 “Earthworms make soil,” people say.

P1240736 Hmmm.

P1240734 “Humans make art,” people say.

P1240749“People,” people say, “are going somewhere.” Ah, are those tire tracks in the muck?

P1240746“Worms,” people say, “aren’t conscious. Not like people are.”

P1240742That’s like asking a lawyer to define the purpose of the law. It’s like saying “worms aren’t humans.” Of course they aren’t, but look what they can do.

P1240738They can carve time! It doesn’t matter if they’re objective about it or not.

P1240751And they have five hearts! How cool is that! Here’s our artist laying down some more carved time.


The Picasso of Worms!


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