Weedkillers as Art

Exhibit 1: the Wealthy Man’s SculptureP1240644No one knows what those metal bits on the top are. Intriguingly, poisoned plants around its base are considered a good way to sell building lots worth up to $750,000.

Exhibit 2: Industrial Punk Version:

P1240584This minimalist installation is called an orchard. Note the narrow band of grass between the weed-killed strips, out of which the apples grow.

Humans like dead things.


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  1. So unnecessary. Weedkillers are poison (of course!) and shouldn’t be sucked up by the roots of food-producing plants. I’m very glad to live in a building where we’ve eliminated weedkillers and pesticides from our gardens and have solved the problem of a sloping ravineside by planting a mini forest. All this right in the heart of Toronto. Volunteers rid the very small lawn area of truly troublesome weeds by that old-fashioned method hand digging. Dandelions? The young leaves are harvested by some residents for salad, while mature plants are cut off before going to seed so as not to annoy the neighbours.


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