Nature Photography

Robins Are Art

Great choreographed staging. Here’s a female.
P1210581Here’s her guy.P1210595The next person who comes along and says that art is a human artifact, I tell you, I’ll take them for a walk. That’s what I’ll do. Do you think it’ll work?


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  1. Howard, to answer your question, “Will it work?”: not with the typical post-secondary Art student, who, at best, takes the likes of you and me for sentimental drudges. Looking at the natural world–to say nothing of learning to represent it–is considered unpardonably reactionary in contemporary art training.


  2. Yes. I know. That’s the point. But, as I’m sure you know, if we don’t start getting past human self-absorption the planet is dead. If art training doesn’t get that, art training will die, too. I think there’s room for honesty, still. Might as well use it before that window closes. With a bow, Harold


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