Endangered species

Oh to Be an Eagle in the Springtime

Yesterday, I showed an image of the heron rookery in Vernon, which is, truly, a beautiful thing, and called it Oh to Be a Heron in the Springtime. Click here to see the heronry if you missed it. Today, we’re going back to the same site 4 weeks ago, before the nests were so fully occupied.

P1170714North Vernon Heronry on March 18, 2014

That day I went for a wander among the junked furniture and fallen trees …P1170680… and tried in vain to get all the nests into one clear shot. Still, there are a lot of them …
P1170687 … and some were occupied …P1170718

… and, well, ahem, cough cough, the herons were not alone.

P1170706Everyone waits for the eggs to hatch, for different reasons.


And if someone drops a frog on the way home for dinner, well, the anticipation is half the reward.



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  1.   Dear professor Harold ……..YES>>>>absolutely on the mark…..too bad you have not seen Manfred’s “corked eagles”. Now, I am obliged to show you one, or two, perhaps a crow, picking on  a bone in a meadow. I am tearing apart more unnecessary …stuff, nearing the end. It is starting to sound a little less garbled. How I seem to hate throwing away perfectly good letters……… Manfried


  2. I believe I have finished my chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not much more to add, the picture is so complete.I am actually very happy, can’t print it and have to wait for Mila, Have to play in Enderby tomorrow and Saw NOAH, how interesting that was. 1.30 am My rear is sore, should go to bed. good night


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