Lichen and Bunchgrass in Harmony

It starts with a drop, of water you might say, but I think it’s a drop of life. Look how both bunchgrass and lichen on this glacial erratic repeat the patterns of the stars. (For the best view, click the image to enlarge it.)

P1170427Vaseaux Lake Nature Conservancy

A culture that sees nature as living in a few scraps of land in between industrial, agricultural and residential developments is a culture that does not live among the stars.

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  1. Harold, I do hope you’re planning an exhibition of some of your beautiful and evocative photos. Perhaps in two sections: the unspoiled and the spoiled, to let viewers consider the implications.


    • Thanks, Gloria. I haven’t thought of an exhibition of that kind. But it sounds wonderful. I was thinking of a book, but the word I’m getting is that books don’t sell. An exhibition might be more like it, but the advice I’ve been getting is that the world is so saturated with photography now that galleries aren’t interested. That could be wrong, of course. It might only be one kind of gallery. Still, I’d love to put on an exhibition like that! And the book!


  2. A friend of mine in Victoria has published two books of his splendid travel photos. I forget the name of the company but can easily find out if you’d like to know. The only problem? They cost a small fortune to produce and then sell for about $100. I believe the one on China’s hidden corners sold well.

    There’s at least one respected gallery in Toronto devoted to photography: Stephen Bulger. I had a show way back in 2000 at the Link Gallery at Edwards Gardens. Alas, when the Gardens became the Toronto Botanical Gardens, that gallery disappeared.


  3. Hi, Gloria, thanks. My wife thinks your idea is splendid as well. She thinks it could work as a book, as long as the cost could be kept down. Me, I dream of exquisitely beautiful books! Like those $100 ones. Something will happen, that’s for sure. Thanks for your support. Harold


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