Discovering Blue

The blue you see here is the sky early in the morning, when the sun is white and comes in nearly horizontally from the east.


Here’s a better view…

P1120236As you can see, not every piece of ice splintered out of the lake by the waves is chosen.


What is it about blue?

blue4Or sky, for that matter?


Or water?

P1120217Amazing stuff, however you call it! It even finds its way into darkness.

P1110921And glows from there!

blue2Could it be that darkness isn’t really dark?


Not when there’s ice involved, at any rate, catching the sky on its surface tensions and carrying it within its body where the light would not go on its own. Light travels in straight lines. Sure, but the intersection with rounded planes is fascinating.

P1120183Or could it be that light isn’t really light?


And the sky and the sun are different lights, manifesting themselves differently?


Isn’t it amazing that water can do that?



The rainbow on the right of this chunk of ice illustrates the prismatic effects of Newton’s science of light. For sure, but what if this ice, battered by the wind and the waves, frozen, thawed and refrozen many times, is a prism of a different kind?

P1120206One that separates the sky from the sun?

P1120193… at the same time it brings them down to earth?

P1110967Could this be a process similar to falling rain? A form of precipitation? It doesn’t last. You have to be there to be there.

P1120204The point is to be present in the light…

P1110918… and to be light in the presence.



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