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Think Big

Aren’t cat tails cool! They fold over themselves, layer upon layer. When you see this, you could invent a tradition of basket- and mat-making, and could build houses out of rushes and keep off the sun. And the Syilx did, the people who became themselves at the same time this land took shape.crossed

So, those days aren’t over. What, then, can be made out of this?

clear2sWildflower Seeds in the Snow

Take a closer look …
Well, of course, making a new technology out of that, that’s tough, but, um, is it supposed to be easy? And, yes, the human vision which I’m proposing is out of fashion. Why, a properly-educated artist these days is supposed to suppress biological response and replace it with scientific distance and analyze his or her biological responses as primitive misunderstandings on the road to enlightenment, but for gosh sakes, just look at this stuff for a moment:

clear3bDistance, my foot. What a cool way to reproduce: by placing seeds in little see-through packages to feed birds. Contemporary science is enamoured with gene splicing, which is a system of placing markers in special folds in hydrocarbon strings. But is not that flowering plant above doing just that? And is that not what plants are doing during photosynthesis, when they move electrons from one side of a barrier to another by clever manipulation of molecules nestled in very specific folds in hydrocarbon strings?


Electron Trading Structures (Pine)

Could it be that this is the signature of earth? So, here the humans are, looking through microscopes (or through robotic cameras on Mars), and here the plants and birds are, as big as life.


Starlings in the Lombardy Poplars (Again)

Could this be an extended form of photosynthesis?

Maybe science is thinking too small.

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    • Thanks! They come out of my joy, too, so it is wonderful that they have met yours. Blessings for the New Year! Harold


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