Meditation on Light

The human mind reads patterns.

panorama2 Perhaps it does so because it is formed from an earth rich with patterns.

panorama4 Perhaps the moment of apprehension of pattern is called meaning.P1360572


Perhaps that comes after the moment and is weaker than it is.

P1360581 Perhaps “meaning” is a false path, because there is none.

panorama2 But perhaps there is pattern, shared, and that is more. 200 years ago, Goethe proposed a science based on such principles. 100 years ago, Heidegger proposed a philosophy based on these principles. They have been discredited because their observations led to neither science nor democracy. No?

P1360461What if you include the earth and the water in the community of humans? Isn’t that where we need to go?

P1340092 The arrival of the first snow. Bella Vista.

Shouldn’t we include the sun?

P1310914 And our brothers and sisters teaching us how to come home?


Nk’mip Sockeye Salmon Coming  Home, Okanagan Falls

What are we afraid of? Losing our identities? When we can gain the world? Isn’t this how we can stop being an endangered species?



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  1. i hope to become a salmon, eaten by a bear, whose scat helps a tree grow, that transforms into air, then into clouds, rain, fish, fox, each time, experiencing a greater smaller mystery of this universe…i practice for this, hoping, walking barefoot in the forest.
    thanks Harold


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