Holding Light in Your Hand

You can hold the sun in your hand. Really. Just pick a leaf in the fall. Once photosynthesis has shut down, the photons of the sun stay there for a short time, before passing on.

P1330943Thimbleberry Leaves in a Pine Tree a Half Hour Before Dusk 

It is the goal of our universities to train people in critical thinking. What do they do to teach people to see? Lots, but it’s often to separate groups of people. As the poet-scientist Goethe pointed out, the human body is the most sensitive instrument there is. He said that 200 years ago, but it still holds. Do scientists have the capacity to try to understand that? Do artists and writers? Why not? Posing, contemplating and answering these questions is also a form of critical thinking. For example, which use of a light-capturing apparatus best represents the earth? Which represents best the earth viewed by humans? This?

P1340156Wild Rose Hips at Dusk

Or this?

P1340153 Or this?

P1340151Or are they all the same? On fall nights, it is often better to suspend answers.


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