What To Do On a Day Threatening Rain

Two days ago, the summer sun came up.


That evening, the god of the wind passed by.

P1230141 Heading south.

P1230131Check out the mini-god boiling out of his ear.

P1230142Such a hurry hurry hurry! Coyotes are out these nights.


They love choke cherries.

P1200859 The ones they can reach.


Things are happening around this place. Best to read the signs.


The deer people are restless.


Best to bring the summer home, I think.

P1230270And check out how Penelope is getting along with her weaving.


And the Cyclops.

P1230306Tomatoes don’t like the chill. Easy does it, girls.


And the nectarines. Come on, everyone!

P1230279Time to make some wine.


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    • Good for the foxes! The coyotes leave theirs as conversational markers at trail junctions. Do your foxes do that too?


      • Foxes are clever. My Winston was so wolfish he never noticed foxes noticing me noticing foxes. The foxes and I always shared a moment and a smile.


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