Nature Photography

Photography as Sculpture

Each photograph, if kept long enough, becomes art.


Hawk, with Its Back to Art … for now.

This is a fascinating truism about the relationship between art, technology and time. Here’s what I think about that:

Photographs are sculptures of time.

For instance:


A Sculpture of Time 

Well, look how the grass has sculpted time as well, by creating these beautiful grains. No surprise, really. Time and space are the same thing. But if the world is making sculptures of time, every moment is sculptural, and that implausible universality kinda makes me think that either the universe is sculptural, that that’s its point, or humans are — or at least this one. But, hey, look what the tent caterpillars have been up to:


Chokecherries in a Caterpillar Tent

After the caterpillars are gone.

It really doesn’t matter which angle you at look at it from….



… the webs sort themselves out with the light of the sun. This won’t last but a few moments in the morning, but I was there and I saw this sculpture that had been made over months …P1190384

… and isn’t finished yet …


Why, it’s like this temporal sculpture unfolds day by day, carves itself, or is carved, in exquisite beauty. Here’s that sun weaving through it again, making patterns where there are none…


… or are there?


Well, maybe beauty is enough. The Greeks called it balance. They called it the union of function and form. That was kind of the art of living to them. They also created sculptures of the human body, in which paintings were turned into objects full of time. By adding a third dimension of space, a fourth came to life. Perhaps, that’s what these are photographs of…P1190381

… that fourth dimension …


… time …

P1190380… could it be the human signature?

P1190371An image of consciousness cast across the world? Or does it come from the world…

P1190377Hmmmm? Well, one thing’s for sure. This is the planet for me.


Hawk Demonstrating How to Turn a Sculpture Around to Face the Camera

Ah, that’s better…





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