Traffic Jam on the Coyote Highway

So, I’m tripping down my favourite Coyote Road, right, admiring the black choke cherries and paying way too much attention to a hawk that’s taking a vole home and is getting harried by some kestrels on the way, when I run into heavy traffic …






I wished him good hunting and went on my way in this game I play, to leave the house and wander around and then come back. That was my morning. What was your commute like?

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    • Yeah, I actually came on him from downhill, with bad visibility, as the coyotes like to wind through the bushes on their trail, so I came on him very quickly! “Whoa!” I called out. “What are you doing here?” And he likely thought the same darned thing!


  1. I hope that chap blocking the highway isn’t a rattlesnake? He has an intelligent sort of expression, but that might not matter if he felt threatened. Wear sturdy hiking boots!


    • Not to worry. It’s a bull snake. His ancestors put a lot of effort into looking like a rattlesnake. When frightened he freezes. When REALLY frightened, he hisses, and it sounds a bit like a rattlesnake. Then he’d do a sidewinding little dance to really fool you. But don’t be fooled. It’s just the biggest bull snake I’ve seen since 1977.

      And, yes, I wear sturdy boots. Rattlesnakes aren’t a big problem. They can only strike a foot or two. But there aren’t many left. People get it into their heads to kill them. Thanks for your concern!


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