flower gardening

Sculpting the Body with Flowers and Stars

Which is more beautiful? Gloriosa daisies on July 10? Beauty, after all, is balance and function, united as one.

P1120915All bright and new. The Okanagan Okanogan Fusion Reactor, Third Year

Or Gloriosa daisies on August 13?

P1190070 In this way, we read the sculpture that time makes of the earth. Each flower intersects with it at a different point. This intersection is balance as well — perhaps a larger one.

P1190067Time, of course, is one of the dimensions of space. It is space that we read in these intersections. The effect can be sped up, by adding contrast …


In this way you can look out among the stars. Do you believe these are chance poetic effects or illustrations of the nature of the universe? It matters, actually, because every sculpture, whether in space or time or both, whether made out of matter or energy or both …

flaxLast Flax Flower of the Year, Okanagan Landing

… is a sculpture of the human body. It works the other way. If the following is an image of a human body …



… then so is this…

tumblr_m4r536fmr11rtpiu3o1_500Deep Space, Seen Through the Hubble Telescope

Science, the rigorous process of carving knowledge out of the unity of the universe, is a form of sculpture.





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  1. Thank you for your continued posts… I have been following your blog for a while now, and realised that I have been rather greedily devouring your words, photos and ideas in silence. I thought it was time I outwardly expressed my gratitude and appreciation for all you share with me. Every post is like a meditation. Your contemplations sound familiar as I recognise my own voice in them ~ and it feels rare and peaceful to find company in this way. So, from the crickets, bees, ants, borage, sunflowers, poplars, tobacco, squash, mountain ash, apricot tree, river, mountains, sky, grass, black sage, mullein, yarrow, eagle, heron, ‘wild’ horses, thistle, rocks and stones, potatoes, tomatoes, geraniums, nasturtiums, willows, hummingbirds, bats, and myriad other delightful winged ones I am honoured to call friends..we thank you for shining your brilliant light ’round these parts and brining a knowing smile to our hearts. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 🙂


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