Living in the Sun

Look at how the water bends around the feet of these water striders. It’s like walking on an electrical force field.

striding2 We call it “reflections on a lake”, but this is the same kind of plasma found in the core of the sun or in a nuclear reactor. In fact, look what it is doing to the light of the sun.

waves2 It’s worth remembering that it’s a ‘solar system’. The sun may be at its centre, but it’s really all one thing. We are living in the sun. That looks like this sometimes:


Ponderosa Pine

Or even this:

scratchMoulting itches.

Here, this might make this idea of unity clear. Here is one part of a complex living environment, much like the solar system:

fishYoung Trout in Conconully Lake

It’s like looking at the stars. Here is the same image, seen with a different lens filter:

osprey3Osprey and Osprey Architecture

The fish that is eaten by the osprey and the osprey that eats the fish are one. What does it mean, then, to be living in the sun?

P1040958Damselfly in the Sun, photo Diane Rhenisch

It changes everything.

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