Nature Photography

Western Tanagers Are Really Flowers NOT Birds

See, here’s how it goes. Yellow:

P1100963Crab Spider Up to No Good



Mushroom Shrooming

See how this works? Let’s practice some more. Yellow …


Tiger Lily



Beetle on Milkweed

Red and yellow together …


Paintbrush and Tiger Lily

It works well, right? When you blend them you get orange…

P1630278 Western Trumpet Honeysuckle in Bloom

Orange is good. See how this works? Flower…



P1100704Ruffed Grouse, Blending in

Flower …

P1630270 Mushroom …


P1630348Some People are Too Fast

Here he is in a calmer moment, sort of staying still (but the kayak wasn’t)…

tanagershoreWestern Tanager

Blending in 

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    • Thanks! Lovely stuff. There was some beautiful columbine, too, but, sadly, a lot of failed photos of it.


  1. The Western tanager is gorgeous, whether you call it bird or flower. I think the orange flower you ask about must be a species of honeysuckle. The tubular flower shape and joined-up opposite leaves certainly seem to indicate that. Hope this helps!



    • Thanks, Gloria. I suspected as much, but really didn’t know. But, it has been identified now, thanks to Stanze, a reader wiser than I: western trumpet honeysuckle Harold


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