Nature Photography

The Cicada Goddess Singing On the Mountain

I saw the goddess this morning, and she was beautiful. It was up on the mountain, on the lip of an old volcano, where a few Pinaus Lake Ponderosa Pines have survived the Mountain Pine Beetle and are streaming with light, like this … P1110431… and not just sunlight …

P1110432… and their singing sounded like this …

And here she is, after her 13 (or 17) years as a nymph underground, just emerging from her old skin …

emerge3Cicada, Emerging, Pinaus Lake, British Columbia

… and again …

emerge2… and here’s one I found two days ago, just a few hundred yards away …

CICADA837I tell you, this earth is the place for me!

Some things are worth waiting for.

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  1. Thanks for this, Harold. Although the cicada links wouldn’t sing for me, the insects sing on hot summer days in the valley below my balcony, so I can imagine what yours sound like. Perhaps there is a valley goddess as well as a mountain one!



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