Salt Lithography

I have mentioned the need for a new Enlightenment, one which includes the earth. The following images show, I think, just where it might begin. This is a variation on the art of lithography from Iceland. Here it is not a human artist inking stone to print on paper, but the sea writing upon the snow with the land as a pigment (in this case ground volcanic basalt). I found these transitory prints written in a heavy spring snowfall as the tide was coming in at Sauðarkrokur in the Skaga Fjord.s3

I see the beginnings of a language here, and here …


Contemporary artists search for the lack of signification, yet this is the universe …


It’s just that it’s not a humanist meaning. Look at how the snow erupts in volcanoes when pressured from the sides! Stunning.

Next: A Language of Light and Shadow from Hofstaðir

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  1. Thank-you for allowing me to walk along your journey of mother earth – peace, strength and purity of her silence enter my heart and soul – with gratitude I send prayers to you and thank you- all my relations.


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