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  1. A cheery photo. . . . I was saddened when the six-foot-tall wild rose bush at a local church in Campbell River was chopped down last year; I used to stop and smell its blooms as I went by on my daily walks . . . But it is three inches high again already and sporting new blooms. Pretty resilient species.


    • I’m glad it’s coming back. We had a fire up the hill five years back, here in the grassland, and they were among the first thing to come back, with eerie, red-tipped leaves like flames among the soot. It was very cool.



  2. Please excuse my patchwork presence here and there in your blog….this rose goes in and out of focus, like my attention, and hopefully, that’s OK. 🙂 Beautiful softness!


    • Patchwork? I didn’t notice “patchwork”. You’re welcome here any time. Who, after all, could read all these posts? It’s more than a few. A library!



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