Water Planet

I tell you, this is one beautiful planet. It does great stuff with water and light, for instance…



Okanagan Lake, Friday, 3 pm

Of course, as a child of this planet I’m not a neutral observer. I’m meant to see this stuff and feel completed by it. But, still, it’s pretty great. And the earth does great stuff with light, too, or what makes it through the water…

Okanagan Lake, Wednesday, 3 p.m.

And it mixes them up, very finely, too…

Okanagan Lake, Thursday, 3 pm.

The sun at the bottom of the lake, laying a moon road across the water?


Whoa. What’s it leave for the moon to do?

The moon at its old work of pulling the heart’s sea here and there

Ah, like I said, this is a great planet. Even the water is infinitely variable here.

Water Passing Over the Grasslands on Its Way Somewhere Else

While down here, far below, the water of the grasslands holds increasingly still…

First Ice on a Flooded Vineyard Road

Building in patterns like clouds driven before the wind.

The clouds, however, take the idea a step further …

Right Above the Neighbourhood Kids, as They Were Walking Home from the Schoolbus and I Was Nearly Tripping on Them Because I Had My Head in the Clouds (Again)

It’s time, I think to head over to the Cloud Appreciation Society and rejoice together.






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  1. Yep! It does so, but, as you said, mainly “for instance. Hoomungs have screwed up an awful lot. What must we, the so-called “Awakened Ones” do? For how long? To what age? …

    Your set is Gorgeos, and, as usual, sensitive, capturing the essence.


    • Thanks, Dan. I’m choosing to try to make a different story, that allows for more creative openings than does the current one. Hope is all we have!


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